Linda Hunter is an independent writer who feels blessed to share her heart, her home and her table with so many. She gratefully shares her words and wisdom when asked and can be found blogging at

What do you BELIEVE in?

  • I believe in love –that it exists in each of us, no matter how or where we show up in this world.
  • I believe in community – that we are all connected, every single one to each other and that we are held up and held together by others, when we most need it and least believe it.
  • I believe in possibility – that anything is actually possible in some form, if we remain open.
  • I believe in family – those who take up space in my heart, whether by destiny or by design.
  • I believe in gratitude – in the sheer joy that comes from opening my hands in thanks.
  • I believe in grace – in walking a path that is gentle and kind, spirit fed and heart led.
  • I believe in service – that we are here to give of ourselves in whatever capacity we are able

How does LOVE show up/present itself in your life? It shows up in the love I feel from others, in the magnificent natural world I live in, and in the blessings, I receive each and every day – I can quite literally ‘feel’ love all the time. And I think it shows up best in ‘sharing’. I believe we have a duty to share with others, regardless of how little we have and that this represents one of the purest forms of love – giving what we have to another. It’s essential to being human and humane.

Who or what INSPIREs you?  I am inspired most by those who rise above adversity, especially children – I feel ‘lifted up’ by those who rise above. I am inspired by those who witness to others, no matter who is watching or what is being said about them. I am inspired by those who believe even when they can’t see. I am inspired by courage and in particular those who have plenty to be afraid of and refuse to let darkness crowd their light.

How do you, or can you, SERVE your community?  I think the best way I can serve is simply by ‘being’ me – by showing up every day, walking my own authentic path of truth and grace, without judgement of others, with as much compassion as possible, and along the way, sharing my home, my heart, and my table.

What does it mean to you to SURRENDER?  It means to be truly present to ‘what is’ to ‘now’ to just ‘be’ in this moment, without reflection or anticipation and to know that everything is as it should be, right now, right here.