Carolyne Taylor

Quiet Leader, Lipstick Muse. Entrepreneur, Community Builder.

Experience Curator. Idea Generator.

Show Up to Connect

I create spaces for people to connect.   Generally this begins in person and then is complemented with social media.  Through my efforts and a team of amazing staff and volunteers, we are able to create places for people to meet face-to-face.  This includes both small gatherings and conferences with hundreds of participants.

Read to Connect

We all have a story to tell. As I go through this blessed life I have learned that every person has a back story – something that has propelled them to move forward, and often overcome challenges and believes.  Follow along in my blog to read of the people I’ve connected with, perhaps they are meant to be part of your community too.

I'll Help You Connect

Sometimes we need a little help. As it says above, I am an idea generator, and while I dream of a magazine publication one day, this is where you’ll find ideas for building your own connections, along with how you can work with me and gain some insight and ideas on how to build and maintain your own community (or communities).

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…. let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Avis Burgeson Christiansen

No Coincidences

I opened my computer this morning to begin working on the 2019 Victoria Yoga Conference.  Each year I work with my team after the conference to ask three questions that come from the work of Fabienne Fredrickson who calls this process Groundhog Day.  1.  What worked...

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We all have a story to tell…

I can remember, as a child, being read stories each night at bedtime.  When my mom and I would go to visit my grandparents in the summer we would share a room, me in one bed and her on the far side in another, and from across the room I would drift off to sleep...

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Soul in a Bowl

During the winter months, I cook up a few pots of soup and invite friends, family and sometimes people I don't even know, to join me for a bowl of soup.  The evening is pretty casual - everyone always wants to know something to bring - I remember the first time I...

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