I remember writing in my newsletter when my son graduated highschool and went off to college that one of my favorite quotes was gifted to me with a beautiful image from the Jody Bergsma Gallery in Bellingham, WA. It read, “There are two things we can give our children, the first is roots, the other is wings”.  As a mom, letting go can be the hardest thing and this is captured so well in this beautiful video that was shared with me “The Gift of an Ordinary Day”. I went to Katrina Kenison’s website after I watched it and read her blog post about good-byes. Her notes reminded me of the times he would be home and the joy I felt to have him around the house, and each time I dropped him off at the airport, how I felt the huge sense of emptiness and would often cry to myself all the way home. Now my handsome son is working and making his way in the world – he won’t be coming home for the summers anymore – he has his own place now – it gets easier to part ways because I know it won’t be so long between our next visit.

Really the reverse is also true – our children give us roots (or the reason to make roots) and then, when they fly from the nest we must also grow our own new wings and re-identify ourselves, or re-create ourselves. I could say more, or you could watch this video (watch the video, but get a kleenex first).

Living a Blissful Life,