Planes are safer on the ground, but are meant to fly.

Charlane Simpson has been described as bold, energetic and open, with a contagious laugh. While conducting her business terms such as focused, colourful, and extraverted, with attention to individual depth of expression are used to define her.  She believes these are true and feels invigorated when out and about, either selling a concept or searching for materials for the next project. And then quietly unravelling those internal snapshots of the project in her studio, creating the right and perfect design for clients. The fabric takes on a life of its own as she manipulates, layers, folds and embellishes each Apron either for an individual or shop. It’s in the delivery of the project, witnessing the Ahhh-moment of her clients, that she feels the lift-off and knows she is meant to fly!

What do you BELIEVE in?  
“I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul.”  William Henley 1875
As the Captain of my Fate I create experiences to fulfill the contract to my Soul which I believe is to be the best I can be. This is to say I experience all that life has to offer – the good stuff and especially the not-so-good stuff. The not-so-good stuff is where life hides as disappointment and in fact that’s where the real juicy parts are; the memories, those raw feelings, the deep understandings, and awareness’s of my true nature. Following this exposure joy takes the lead and the Captain is off to the next port.
How does LOVE show up/present itself in your life?
Love has always been difficult for me to wrap my head around. To me Love shows up in Life Opportunities and people that announce themselves as partners in the journey.  Love connects me to my creative spirit – leads the way into uncharted territory with bounce and excitement, finally revealing itself as Bliss. This Love is recognizable when my life is on the ‘right’ track, the right people show up, the perfect materials land on my lap, the next step in the process is revealed effortlessly, with Grace and Ease.

Who or what INSPIREs you?
As a child my idol was Jimmy Durante, my teen idol was Janice Joplin.  These stars represent creative minds, thinking minds, art that tells a story in simple lines cutting through the haze to produce the feelings of their intent. These types have always attracted me, these true to their Spirit types, these that go against the norm and what is great is they gain notoriety by showing up as their core selves. It takes courage to march about the world as ‘myself’.

How do you, or can you, SERVE your community?
In the past 4 years giving back what was freely and joyfully given to me is a must by having a ‘Yes’ approach to all requests.  The simplest way for me to give back is to remain present and listen. We each have an inspiring story that benefits someone and when I hear from others I am honoured as I hold witness to their life-path. It is not a time to reveal my experience but to stay attentive. None of us is meant to live a small life and when asked to share our experiences, talents and accomplishments we feel our strength; we touch into our driving force and we get to know ourselves better. It’s during these times we feel our power and by feeling our power we help others tap into theirs creating that larger life that is in us all. It’s like a domino effect that starts as a whisper and builds to a microphone, revealing ourselves, owning our trails and tribulations.  We tell our truth to others, they tell their truth, and a sense of freedom and pride settles in. Our stories have the power to change lives. This is one thing I can give my community – the opportunity to softly whisper their tales of truth.

What does it mean to you to SURRENDER?
Surrendering is ‘letting go’ of behaviors, ideas, relationships that no longer serve me. I can see where a behavior or thought was necessary even if it was not true. In hindsight, I can see how much I needed to believe; to lead my life in such a way to support that belief system. The trick is to know when it’s time to put these old misconceptions to bed. So when is it time? I see surrendering as a sign of growth and maturity. It speaks to the inner awareness that comes to those seeking and to the ability to act on those changes of attitude and understandings. It takes courage to surrender old false beliefs and a person may need to leave others behind. Surrendering creates a vacuum where an invitation is extended for something better to take the place of the thing I have surrendered to. This is where maturity comes into play, where I need to be very clear as to what the invitation is to include.  With each act of surrender there is new growth, new experiences, new ideas.  Luckily, surrender and invitations go on and on.


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