I was picking out my jewelry this morning to wear to the first ever “Pitch Your Passion” for yoUnlimited. I’m wearing a rose quartz heart from my friend Jessica, and earrings from Cheryl, that I helped with her conference planning and I put on a glittery watch in honour of my friend Lynn. While I was choosing these items I looked at some of the other pieces in my jewelrey chest and I thought ‘so many of these pieces I have came from someone who has changed my life, or I have helped or contribute to change theirs’. It’s a really cool thing when you take time to remember this and sit with it for a bit.

Tonight, one woman will receive a $500+ in funding from community members who are putting themselves in a position of ‘angel in the audience’ – five women “pitch their passion” one receives the cash but all of them will go home with resources. These women’s lives will change and they will change other women’s lives in the process.

Living a Blissful Life,


To find out more about “Pitch Your Passion”, visit younlimited.com/our-offerings/pitch-your-passion/