New year on the horizon and now a place to capture all the bits and pieces, people and places that come my way.   A 1:00 pm coffee stretched to 9:00 pm.  We did lots of talking, thinking and brainstorming.   Watch for stuff coming up under the BLISS banner – and what does that mean to me – well – ultimately that’s what we all want, isn’t it?  BLISS – synonomous with happiness – and for me it means:






I’ve been reading Crush It!  by gary vay ner chuk – fantastic book – you know how you have that one thing that spurs you to act?  I’ve been on facebook and I have a twitter account and I’ve been playing around with both of these, but not in a ‘how it all makes sense’ kind of way – you know how you can get overwhelmed with all the different things out there that teach you this or that – webinars and teleconferences and blog posts and free courses and courses that cost money and oh my goodness, I’m a fairly technical social media savvy person compared to some of my colleagues and I feel overwhelmed.  But…now that I’ve read his book I am so all over it – he writes in a way that makes sense and doesn’t over explain everything.  I know I have lots more learning to do but for now – here it is – me to the world.   I have lots of ideas of what I want to do and write about – mainly the cool things that come into my world every day – those ‘syncronistic’ meetings – you know how that happens – you talk about slowing down and taking time to breathe and then you walk into a restaurant and the song that is being piped through is “Breathe” by Faith Hill.