I have ripped things out of magazines all my life – quotes, recipes, articles, you name it! But there comes a time when you realize that those pieces of paper stuffed in a folder can not touch other’s lives the way that they touched your own and so the “Wisdom Collection” on my blog was born. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did (and still do when I read them years later).

Which one of these will you adopt today?

Here’s To You

Think before you act
Buy beautiful books
Sleep more, look better, live longer
Contribute to charities
Don’t wear too much jewelry
Cook with love
Learn how to relax.. .then relax
Handwrite your letters on lovely stationery
Sign up for a yoga class and, if you enjoy it, sign up for more
Join a book club
Search carefully for your personal style
Don’t smoke
Take a long walk, then a long bath
Have faith in your abilities
Decorate with natural, simple things
Send thank-you cards
Do one special thing just for yourself each week –
Cherish your friends
Enjoy life’s process
Develop your memory
Think of your cup as half full
Be courageous
Talk with children
Don’t assume
Dance… and dance the slow dances
Offer assistance generously
Kiss the people you love as often as you can
Count your blessings
Know there are heroes
Be gracious
Give thanks.. .and pray!

Dr. H – Flare Magazine, December 2001