You just never know the impact that you have, or the connection you have made!

I’m here at Social Media Camp 2011 and just attended a session on blogging for business with Miss604 (if you haven’t subscribed to her twitter feed @miss604 or read her blog yet, it’s a definite must), and she gave us several ideas on what to blog on (themes, top five lists) and the length of a good blog post and it got me to thinking – when WAS the last time I posted??

As you know, I love the “Power of Connection” concept – how the right person will be either a) exactly where you need them to be – in person, on the phone or in your email box or b) connect you to just the right person!

Just under a month ago I met with Bonnie Davison Of Singing English – she and some of her colleagues, a group of educators are planning a Garden Party and fundraiser on Sunday, June 5th supporting These women are passionate about starting a teacher’s college what would drastically change the lives of young women in Malawi.

Here’s the power of connection part…

  1. When I met with Bonnie we talked about different things they could do at this event and one of the things they were looking for was flowers
  2. I asked Bonnie if she knew Zoe, another teacher at their school, because Zoe had a family connection to an amazing florist in Victoria
  3. Bonnie didn’t know Zoe but I showed her Zoe’s picture on Facebook and suggested that they connect…

Fast forward… to today…

  1. I stopped by the Community Micro Lending booth at the Social Media Camp at the Victoria Conference Center because I recognized a colleague from BNI, Marian Fortner from Kenmar Flower Farm
  2. After learning more about all the great things that Community Micro Lending and the new newsletter they launched, we talked about what was keeping Marian busy ( of course right now it’s weddings and graduation) and then she said “and I’m doing a fundraiser on Sunday”…

You got it…Marian is Zoe’s mom and “the power of connection” strikes again and the interesting thing is that she didn’t know where it started….

Who have you connected that you don’t know about? Do you have a story to tell?