Today we rode a bus to Boca de Tomatlan beach where we walked along the sea trail to Los Animas beach. Along the way we stopped at a beautiful cove and had a swim and a snack – the trail goes through the forest and winds down to the beach and back up again, passing an abandoned resort and many sites.

We had our lunch at the beach restaurant and I enjoyed a shrimp burrito Рso delicious, and then I went out on the ocean as a passenger  on the banana boat Рwe then took a short boat ride back to Boca Р1.5 hours of walking and less than 10 minutes in a boat and back on the bus to Centro! Overall a day of adventure, joy and abundance that I shared with my new friends and yoga buddies doing the training with me, Geeta, Marianna and Yumi. Back at yoga teacher training tomorrow at 7:30am

Living a Blissful Life,