I was walking by the library in downtown Victoria, and witnessed a man giving money to a fellow who had a big bag of pop cans he had been collecting. The recipient was abundantly grateful and said so to the fellow who gifted him.  It was coins so not a large amount.  

 What I saw next was what really caught my eye! The gentleman was muttering to himself as he walked away from his benefactor. I heard him say ‘somebody will find these and they will be very happy’ and he put down the bag of bottles beside a garbage can.

My curiosity was in high gear and I couldn’t help but follow him – he wound his way down the street, stopping to check out some stuff that was in a pile on the side street but he eventually ended up right at McDonald’s and walked in the door.

Sometimes people think if we give money it’s spent on drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.

In this case one man’s generosity paid it forward for another who found the bottles and another to have a meal.