The past two and half weeks have been learningful (new word – just created it!).

I’ve been to the World Domination  (WDS for short) in Portland, Oregon where I met people that want to make a different in the world, listened to and met inspiring speakers, and stayed in a cool urban farm and guest house .

I’ve had my car break down in a foreign (well, really the USA) country and not be ready for 11 days.

I’ve received a call from my niece that my aunt died, and I flew to Winnipeg to be with my family and help where I could. I’ve connected with my cousin who I haven’t spoken to in 25 years, only to discover we’ve been living parallel lives and could have probably used a conversation or two over the last quarter decade to help us understand our family dynamics better (and maybe feel better about ourselves in the process).

I’ve been inspired, abundant, connected, frustrated, disconnected, wishful, sad, overwhelmed, giddy, exhausted.

I’ve done more yoga in the last week than I have done in the last month (this is a good thing).

I’ve missed my baby granddaughter like crazy and can’t wait to see her tomorrow!

And… I’ve worn my mala through all those two and half weeks, I’ve repeated my mantras and held the talisman stone (for prosperity and abundance) when I’ve wanted to gather strength. I’ve worn it a lot since I purchased it in November, but it was interesting how many compliments and questions I received about it Manitoba, and I was able to answer and share the concept of mantras and malas.

Tuesday, at the end of a twelve hour journey by plane and bus from Winnipeg to Federal Way, to find my car was not yet ready, I started out to the one place that will always bring me happiness – a bookstore! As I walked, the strangest thing happened, without warning, I heard more than felt what I thought was a throwing of small pebbles in my direction. I looked around, and in dismay discovered that my mala had broken. And I thought… well, there it is… what else could possibly happen, I scrambled to pick up the pieces and tried to Google the significance of this happening but could not get service. (I always believe that everything happens for a reason and try to find that meaning right away).

Home now (and so happy to be here), I remembered and emailed the company I purchased the mala from (in my head I thought “I’ve only had it since November, how could it possibly break”) – and while I haven’t received a response yet, I did find several other blog entries and websites that addressed this. The essence of it is this – when a mala breaks, you have either learned a karmic lesson, or you are ready to move to the next step in your journey.

From these posts, I discovered the company will restring it for me it I wish, but as I read, I believe it’s time for it to take a new form (why would I want to put back together something that held me back, I think to myself). The talisman stone will rest on my alter as a reminder that I am  moving forward in prosperity and abundance.

In my yoga teacher training at Davannayoga in Puerto Vallarta, I first learned not only the significance of 108 mantras, but Anna gave me my first introduction to the concept of a mala. Tonight I went back through my notes and I see a small notation in the margin to ‘make a 27 bead mala bracelet and do your mantras 4 x around’.

Renewed, and inspired, I will create a new mala, and infuse new meaning into it. I will rest it in the moonlight of the full moon this month and then I will wear it on my wrist, instead of my neck, it’s original work is done. I will find a new mantra, the previous one being the first line of the meta meditation “May I be filled with loving kindness”. – and I will continue to practice this thing called ‘life’.

Living a Blissful Life,

Prosperity Mala from Tiny Devotions

Prosperity Mala from Tiny Devotions


[Note: After I wrote my post I visited the Tiny Devotions website to grab a photo of my mala – as I read the description a few things stood out for me, as they relate to what I feel last month has been in it’s challenges and ups and downs.]

This peach aventurine mala’s intention is to reinforce leadership qualities and positively attract prosperity. It promotes a feeling of well-being and calms anger and irritation.

Aventurine stabilizes state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity. It is not afraid to beckon fortuitous circumstances and wearing this mala, you’re able to take on headfirst whatever the universe happens to throw at you.

July 19th I received a response from Tiny Devotions (super quick response) that said:


Wow – this is great news!

When a Mala breaks, it often resembles a breakthrough or positive karma.  Malas break on very seldom occasion, and only to few.  Good luck is coming your way.  Sending you blessings.