With 15 years in beauty and personal care, Melodie brings a desire to share and educate to the industry she loves. Leading, coaching, teaching, and managing businesses, Melodie honed her interpersonal skills as well as her passion for artistic expression with hair, makeup, aromatherapy and skincare on an international stage. After winning North American Makeup artist of the year in 2005, Melodie focused her efforts on her career as the Director of Hair and Skincare Education for a large international cosmetics company. Travelling to Germany and France to work closely with the chemists and other educators, sparked her interest and fed her desire to learn. It was here the spark was ignited learning about the chemistry of it all, and she began to ask herself “if I wouldn’t put it in my body, why am I putting it on my body?” After living abroad for a few years Melodie is back on Vancouver Island engaged in the eco-beauty revolution, and has recently launched her own line of vegan, chemical-free cosmetics. When she is not teaching ‘make your own’ skincare workshops or painting a creative face for a photo shoot you are most likely to find her near the ocean, playing the ukulele and chasing after a mischievous toddler.

I caught up with Melodie between photo and video shoots, trunk shows, workshops and having fun…

What do you BELIEVE in? I believe in kindness. I believe in authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. I believe in tolerance. I believe that choosing to clothe yourself with these things is truly beautiful, and brings out the beauty in others. You allow everyone in your presence to be the same, and the world feels like a wonderful place to be.

How does LOVE show up/present itself in your life? The moment my little girl calls me to get her out of bed in the morning. The coffee made by my partner. The support from friends and colleagues, and the creativity I get to use in my profession…love!

Who or what INSPIREs you? I am inspired by strong courageous women, striving to leave the world a bit brighter than they found it. I am inspired by single working parents who still find the time to volunteer in their communities. I am inspired by anyone and anything designed to bring people together.

How do you, or can you, SERVE your community?  I love giving back to the community that supports me. This is my home, and there is nothing I would rather be dong than making it the best place on earth to be! This means spending time with organizations and causes I believe in supporting, as well as pitching in with beach clean ups, walking my elderly neighbor’s dog and smiling at everyone I meet on the street.

What does it mean to you to SURRENDER?  To allow myself the pleasure of flow. Things may not always go the way we expect, which can be wonderful.