From yoga pants and flip flops to sweaters and boots with heels, from quiet (well, as quiet as Mexico can be) to all night partying (not me, everyone else) – two nights ago I was in yoga bliss in Mexico and now I’m in Vegas – both part of my world but so vastly different!

So, this morning I woke before the sunrise and contemplated this- others are sleeping in the room next door so I can’t do a full on yoga practice as music or noise might wake them so I start my day with meditation. You have to understand, meditation is something I’ve always wanted to do – or thought I should do – I bought a timer so that I could sit still for 10 minutes and it would tell me when the time was up – where is that timer now?

But this morning, I started with 9 Half Sun Salutations and then sat myself down in front of an amazing view of Vegas, closed my eyes, and did 54 slow deep breaths – starting with an exhale you say to yourself, exhale 54 (5 counts), inhale 54 (5 counts), exhale 53, inhale 53 – the trick is that you are focusing on our breath and thereby it’s harder for random thoughts to come into your mind – and honestly, for someone who’s mind never stops – I have to say it works – if you lose track of your counting you have to start again at 54 – I didn’t though and I sat and breathed and counted and you’ll never guess what – that 10 minutes that felt so hard to sit through before – I was was amazed that I sat and 15 minutes went by!

Try it – you might like it!

Living a Blissful Life of Adventure, Joy & Abundance,