Jocelin Caldwell


Whether her role is as a workplace facilitator, career coach or HR recruiter, Jocelin’s goal is to create innovative work environments led and staffed by the very best people. For Jocelin, nothing is more rewarding than successfully connecting people to meaningful work and workplaces where they will thrive.

What do you BELIEVE in?  I believe in the power of community and relationships. I believe in the phrase “it takes a village” (especially when it comes to motherhood!). I feel very blessed to be surrounded my an amazing tribe of people who support me with the gift of friendship and collaboration. “My tribe”  inspires me when I need to be inspired, challenges me when I need to stretch and supports me through the messiness of life.

How does LOVE show up/present itself in your life?  Love shows up for me daily and reminds me to be grateful for everything around me. When I start to lose faith in the world something always takes place to remind me to savour the moment and be grateful. Love shows up when I am with my children. They are so “in the now” and joy-full that they see love in everything. Slugs in the garden can bring such great joy to a 3 years old!    Love shows up in music – dancing in my kitchen, singing in the shower. The cheesier the music the better! Love shows up when I am with my partner – Jeff. I feel lucky to have him as my best friend.

Who or what INSPIREs you?  I feel surrounded by inspiring people. I am inspired by people who share their stories authentically. I am inspired by people who have the courage to pursue work that is meaningful. I am inspired by people who have persevered through adversity. I am inspired by the words I wish I wrote from authors like Paulo Coelho, Anne Morrow Lindberg, and most recently Glennon Doyle

How do you, or can you, SERVE your community?  I serve my community in as many ways as I can. I volunteer my time. I try and advocate for people who need it. I have meaningful work that I feel makes a difference in my community.

What does it mean to you to SURRENDER?  It means to sit down, reconnect with myself, be grateful and let go of my need to be right or in control. When I need to “fill the well” I go to the ocean. She always understands…