Alice Bracegirdle is a mother, entrepreneur, and visionary doing business around the globe and based in Victoria, BC. She is committed to a world in which the feminine and masculine energies of creation dance in harmony and the Goddess has returned to her rightful place in the hearts of men and women everywhere. She does this by shakin’ her bootie and raising Shakti with thousands of women every year.

What do you BELIEVE in? I believe in what I experience.  Everything else is just conjecture.  And what do I experience? LOL…well that would take much more space than we have here:) But what I experience the most…is awe! Life is incredibly magical, mystical and full of wonder.

How does LOVE show up/present itself in your life? Through my interactions with others. My delicious, sexy husband. My incredible, beautiful daughter. My fabulous brilliant girlfriends.  My wacky and wonderful family.  It is an energy that flows in abundance in my life. I am deeply blessed in this regard.

Who or what INSPIREs you? All the above mentioned and anyone who dares to be different.

How do you, or can you, SERVE your community? I move women. I love women. I inspire women. I reflect their beauty back to them and help them see how truly incredible they are. I’m an activator. I light people up and remind them what vitality feels like. I build bridges between the mundane and the spiritual,  the superficial and the sublime. I live to serve.

What does it mean to you to SURRENDER?  Stop trying to control. Bow before that which is greater than ‘I’. Breathe and let go.  It’s damn hard for a control freak Virgo like me, but with practice I’m getting really, really good at it, and my life is better and brighter than EVER before. Get out of your own way and watch everything fall into place.