The date is drawing nearer and nearer – I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday this month and I’m excited! I feel more alive and aligned than ever before.

One week and I’ll be 50 – half a decade, five times when I was 10 and lying under the pool table in my basement with my best friends, dreaming of what my life would be like – what I would create.

I wanted to do something special for my birthday this year and I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.   I’d started a list before of ’50 things to do before I’m 50′ but you know how it goes – we get ‘busy’ and forget.  So now, I’m going to be accountable to whoever is reading this blog, and share my adventures with you – well most of them.

These were on my original list (as you can see I didn’t quite have 50 – but I’ve done a lot of awesome things that aren’t even on my list – when I looked at other people’s lists on I could check off quite a lot of things on other people’s lists – so I’m okay with that).  This will now be my list of 50 things.  To do.  Before I die.  No timeline.  JUST DO THEM.

  1. Visit the Sunshine Coast – July 2012 and July 2014 – Gambier Island
  2. Drive route 66
  3. Learn and sing one great karaoke song
  4. Kayak under the full moon
  5. Float down the Cowichan River in an inner tube – it took six hours but I did it – 10 years ago – I want to go again though
  6. Surf in Sayulita – February 2005 with Russell, and the Hunter Clan
  7. Ride the roller coaster at west Edmonton mall – May 2012 – with Alex – scared the you know what out of me
  8. Bike the kettle valley railway/Myra Canyon
  9. Define my “Style Statement”
  10. Visit the vortexes in Sedona
  11. Go to Italy – September 2011 – the Amalfi Coast
  12. Finish and publish a book
  13. Take some writing courses at SFU
  14. Take a silversmithing course
  15. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge
  16. Visit Chesterman Beach – Tofino – Summer of 2014 – jumped in the waves for hours – so awesome
  17. Visit Crescent Beach – White Rock
  18. Visit Miracle beach – Campbell River – also the Summer of 2014 – beautiful – want to go back and camp
  19. Buy a caravan and travel and write (yes, there’s a theme – wouldn’t want to give away the plot, quite yet)
  20. Go to the gratitude cafe
  21. Skinny Dip
  22. Float on Durance Lake or the Shawnigan Quarry (bonus – at night on a starry night)
  23. Make wall art – Summer 2014 – over our bed
  24. Make body cream – Fall 2014 – need a better recipe – amend to ‘make body cream I like’
  25. Make angel food cake from scratch
  26. Define my core desired feelings – a la Danielle LaPorte – live by them
  27. Go vegan for 21 days – September 2010 – do this again – many times
  28. Swim in a waterfall – November 19, 2014
  29. Get caught in the rain and run through puddles.
  30. Pay for someone’s coffee in the drive-through.
  31. Buy a family dinner, anonymously.
  32. Create a ‘happiness jar’ a la Elizabeth Gilbert

I was leaving room for more inspiration to hit me before I turned 50!  Here are the ones that I’ve added since then – with room for a few more!  Any suggestions?

  1. Watch Casablanca
  2. Produce my own sacred text
  3. Use my antique buttons to make a button necklace or bracelet
  4. Do 108 sun salutations on the solstice.
  5. Leave a $20 bill in a random library book for someone to find.
  6. Send a message in a bottle.
  7. Stay in bed all day one day, when I’m not sick – read, drink tea, journal and sleep – a la Kimberly Wilson
  8. Learn Reiki Level 1 and 2 from Lindsay Rose.
  9. Host an event where everyone must dress up all fancy.  Complete with tierras and tuxes.
  10. Hike Kauai’s NaPali Coast Trail.
  11. Have an outdoor movie party with a popcorn machine.
  12. Unplug for a week – seriously – unplug – completely.
  13. Meditate for 21 days in a row.
  14. Do something really cool with the #50 (Yes, I have a plan for this – stay tuned – I don’t want to ruin the surprise)
  15. ______________________________________________
  16. ______________________________________________
  17. ______________________________________________
  18. ______________________________________________
Living a BLISSful life,



p.s.  When I was much younger, my list looked like this:
  1. Marry a cowboy
  2. Be the next Olivia Newton John (I would sing out my bedroom window for hours, hoping to be discovered)
  3. Be a lawyer and save the world (I think I’m still trying to save the world)
  4. Have a big family (family isn’t always blood, is it – but my family did grow – blog post to follow)
  5. Have a big kitchen in my house that everyone gathers in  (done this a few times)
  6. Own a blue sports car (loved my Fiat Spyder – feel like another one is in the works)

I just don’t know what to say about the cowboy!